Case study

Touch prototype

Touch prototype

Customer had developed a multitouch panel for smartphones. To demostrate the functions and usablity of the panel they needed something where the panel was to be integrated.


To begin with, Offcode made a plastic model based on the mechanical drawings of the touch panel.



Together with the customer Offcode Lumi platform (omap3) was selected as Electronics base. SW was Android on top of Linux.


Suitable battery and display was selected and based on the plastic model a custom electronic board was developed and mechanics were assembled. Lumi board was attached to the base board and Linux was configured and woken up.


Necessary drivers were developed and installed and finally Android distribution was installed on top of the Linux kernel. A small set of devices were then manufactured and delivered to the customer.

The whole process from took less than 3 months.


A few months later the customer came back and we build an enhanced version.

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