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There are three different types of services available:

1. Concept Check
2. Concept Study + Technology Roadmap
3. Prototyping

When you build a new kind of intelligent device, you will typically face a series of challenges in development, market entry and production ramp-up. Mistakes may be very expensive in terms of time and money. By selecting the optimal technology and practices proven in real-life, the costs are miminized.Offcode is your specialist for the demanding embedded systems. We want to offer you the access on state of the art solutions and the easy steps to the market.


1. Concept Check

Define where you are and where you want to go. Workshop for technical feasibility sanity check:

  • Pinpoint clear technical risks
  • Look briefly the opportunities that the new technology offers.
  • Look briefly price targets, development steps and budget
  • Sketch the technology roadmap

Cost: FREE


2. Concept Study + Technology Roadmap

Audit your application closely. Identify processing needs, energy/price budget. Identify risks and possible needs for research. Seek what are the most attractive ways to continue.

Produce roadmap and milestones for:

  • Concept prototypes
  • Technology prototypes
  • Customer prototypes
  • Pilot series
  • Product series
  • Risks

Cost 1000€


3. Prototyping

After identifying your strategy to the market there is need for different kind of prototypes. Based on your roadmap and business situation, you need different prototypes. Needs identified in previous steps, Offcode build optimized prototypes to:

  • Evaluate the application
  • Verify the technology
  • Convince the funders
  • Perform customer tests

Cost: 3000 -- 5000€

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