From an idea to product business
Since 2004
Focus on expertise!
Offcode designs and develops mobile and embedded systems. Linux, Android, QT and Nuttx based platforms are just some of our key areas of expertise. Other key technology areas are user interface technologies and wireless systems. Offcode has a strong background in coordinating complex multi-technology projects.


Hire a specialist for:

  • Extreme Linux services
  • Baseport
  • Linux wakeup
  • Electronics
  • Linux custom drivers
  • Low power embedded systems
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Prototypes for evaluation

  • Technical feasibility
  • UX testing
  • For convincing funders
  • Testing the business case
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Product Development

Hire a specialist for

  • PCB design
  • SW design
  • CE/FCC approvals
  • Production testers
  • Whole package
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Some of our latest projects:


Automatic registration control system - registration system for the printed intelligence

Over the past ten years Offcode has developed a high accuracy registration systems for the printed intelligence printing machines.
  • Complete registration module for process automation
  • Can be integrated with R2R, R2S and S2S printing solutions
  • May drive Laser, dispensing and inkjet devices
  • Independent from the printing manufacturer
  • The first version of ARCOS was delivered over 10 years ago and is still in operation
  • Automatic registration control High accuracy detection - down to 1┬Ám
  • Detects and registers materials invisible to the eye
  • Highly flexible automation interfaces for process control
  • Offers APIs for process quality measurements
  • Interface to collect process data
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