Hire a specialist for specific technology problem


Hire a specialist for specific technology problem

Consulting is your external help and aid for issues that cannot be resolved with ease internally. Offcode provides outstanding consulting services to minimize your business costs on embedded systems. Whether you have challenges with your Android delivery, special purpose hardware or anything related to the embedded world we recommend you to contact us.  Contacting is cheap and it could well be so that the issue is something we are already familiar with. Have a look at some of our areas of expertise:

Extreme linux services. Perhaps your device draws too much current or there's something strange with the kernel you're using. These kind of issues are common, especially with the power management. In general, if there's something you'd rather not do, let us handle it!

Baseports. We can perform the required steps for waking up your embedded or industrial device.

Linux wakeup. Embedded devices need the operating system in addition to the bootloader. Our state-of-the-art expertise can do the task of integrating a fresh linux kernel into your hardware.

Electronics. If you want to discover a feasible set of electronics don't miss on our recommendations. We can also provide a complete working solution.

Custom linux drivers. Perhaps there's need for a linux driver for your product. Our experts have a strong background on developing custom drivers for any electonic device. Just to name a few, USB, audio, camera and touchscreen are something we have often worked with.

Low power embedded systems. Linux isn't always the best operating system for very small footprint systems. There's other existing and powerful alternatives.


Solution at optimal speed

Our expertise is not limited into the examples seen above. In addition, whatever the need is, we usually have the answer. If we don't have a reasonable solution remember that our partners potentially do. That's one more reason to be in touch with us! Nevertheless, let's look at some other alternative concepts that we are pleased to introduce next:

Consulting at large. Offcode has manufactured complete devices containing all the steps required for an off-the-shelf product. We recommend to minimize the cost and risks it takes to design and manufacture a device. Keep in mind that Offcode may provide experts that might work with your existing team, in your premises. Having a solid business partner is a great benefit for both parties. Don't miss to give us a call on your business case!

Consulting based on demand. At times there's no need to outsource the whole product development.  For example, the software and hardware related tasks may be engineered by separate teams.  Some companies have hired an expert to face the challenges and at the same time, having their workers to watch how the difficulties are overcome. Thus, it might be a good and cost-effective learning process as well. The business cases are innumerable, so keep in mind that consulting represents always an opportunity.

Consulting specific issues. You might have your product almost ready but something isn't just working yet. Don't waste much time spending the money but rather, give us a call! Even if we cannot help you for some reason, it only takes a few minutes to call. We guarantee a solid and professional view on your matter.

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